Goldilocks and the three bears- Writing

Look at some of these fantastic writing that Room 4 did on book creator with our Digi leaders Sam and Sasha:


Autumn Leaves

  We got out into the beautiful sunshine to experience the amazing world of Autumn. We made a gigantic leaf pile, and enjoyed an awesome leaf fight. Ka mau te wehi Room 4! 

Book Week!

This week is BOOK WEEK at Parkvale School. 

On Wednesday, Room 4 are going to Room 14 to explore some books that are available for us. We will be exploring the author Lynley Dodd and her Hairy McLeary characters this week. Keep your eyes out for some of our work, or check out the amazing website below


Teachers Week 4 Update

Kia ora koutou katoa! Hello everyone!

We have had a huge week in Room 4 last week! The class have earned their first reward which was a PJ & Hut day.They loved coming to school in their PJ's and doing their usual activities all dressed up! Unfortunately, the weather was not onesies weather, and we got a bit hot! 
We had our first Manuka Hub Discovery, which was so awesome, and then we built a huge hut and enjoyed our movie for the afternoon. 

The kids had an amazing time and it was wonderful seeing them have fun in their classroom. How wonderful it is to fill our classroom with such big beautiful smiles!
Kahu & Ruby (below) enjoying the dress ups

Maaki and Nate (The Tiger) loved building with the big blocks

Amaedia and Millie played with the imagination station's kitchen set

While Harry enjoyed the challenge of building some lego

Looking fabulous ladies!

Anaya played in the giant hut built in Room 1

Room 4's very own SUPER hut!


OR NOT.... ! 


After 4 weeks of our blog links not working, and our games not being able to load, I finally asked for some help from Mrs McFadyen. Now we have some games that you can all play at home and whilst blogging at school! See, even teachers need help working things out! Keep on trying kids!

Meet Room 4's Superheroes!

Our awesome learners had a go with the class i-pads and played with one of our drawing apps. We are learning how to take turns with the i-pads, how to be a super buddy and help our class mates with their projects, and how to use a new app. We had so much fun with it! We can't wait to have another go. Look out for our work throughout the year. 

Congratulations to our award winners!

Well done to our fantastic award winners, Dusty, Harry and Anaya.
Dusty won her award for always using her manners. This includes when she is listening to others, walking around the school and sitting on the mat and at her table. Well done Dusty!

Harry won his award for always trying to make sure he is on task. I spotted Harry moving seats as he wanted to work and was being distracted. This is an awesome skill to see in a 6 year old, and Harry should be very proud of himself.
Anaya won her award for her amazing determination in the pool.When we started swimming last week, Anaya was often anxious and in tears. On Wednesday, Anaya put her head under the water and even let go of the side of the pool to venture into the middle. Fantastic efforts, Anaya!